Our Core Ales



ABV 3.8%

A fruity / hoppy blonde session beer packed with citrus/ lime and lemon flavours that compliment the balanced hop after taste.

Blonde Beaver

ABV 4.0%

A light blonde beer crafted by blending 5 American dwarf hops to layer mouthfuls of crisp flavours Belma hops are selected to balance the crisp hop bit with strawberry aroma.

Centennial IPA

ABV 4.5%

A hop full flavoured ipa balancing centennial hops with Pacific Jade, Citra and Simico hops to perfection.

Nutty SquirAle

ABV 4.0%

A bronze hoppy craft beer made from 5 American dwarf hops at different times off the boiling process to layer hop flavours into the smooth malty crystal malt base.


ABV 3.8%

A light blonde single hopped session beer, New Zealand Motueka hops are added at vital stages of the boil to layer out the flavours of
citrus/lime and lemons that this beautiful hop produces.

Summer Sovereign

ABV 3.7%

A light easy drinking summer special beer made from a blend of 2 English hops, Soverign hops give a green tea like bitterness that balances the Goldings hops, a wonderful complex delicate aroma in the glass.

Lord Of The Glen

ABV 4.2%

Another true favourite beer of the brewery brought back this summer, a premier beer produced by 2 classic craft hops Citra and Simcoe . The Citra-citrus flavour, with the Simcoe-lychee/passion fruit flavour, combine to perfection.

Ice Maiden

ABV 4.0%

A golden ale made with Whitbread golding hops for 1 smooth delicate flavor rounded off with German pearl hops.

Heart Of Lancashire

ABV 3.9%

Amber and crystal malts produce this packed flavoured amber ale balanced out with challenger hops a true old style british ale.

Spring Gold

ABV 3.8%

A golden ale refreshing and easy drinking session beer.


ABV 3.8%

Very light ale packed with citrus—Balanced with magnum to give a nice crisp bite to soften down the citrus flavours.