A brief history of Hart Brewery

Hart Brewery became part of the Lancashire Beer Company on 10th April 2017.
With John Smith continuing brewing with his apprentice Brewer from Lancashire Beer Scott Wildman.

Hart Brewery began at the Cartford Inn at Little Eccleston in 1995 and moved to where it is still based now in Preston in 2009.

Hart’s Lancashire Best Bitter on sale at the Strangers Bar in the Houses of Parliament

Take a look at Mark Hendrick MPs website for more information, link below http://www.prestonmp.co.uk/news_91941.html

After 15 years Hart Brewery is on the move

All the kit leaves the Cartford little knowing it would be over a year before brewing would begin in Preston

First it went to the Golden Cross and then onto Nonos

Due to the failure of these moves it’s off on it’s travels again

Finally the kit arrives at our new prermises

Graham marking out the floor ready for the kit

The new brewery finally starts to take shape

The kit moves into place ready to start brewing

All the kit’s in place and ready to go into action

The first of Hart’s relaunched beers begins brewing in Preston

At last the brewery is up and running in Preston and the traditional Hart beers relaunch with a brand new image